Rescheduling Your Exam


Pearson Vue Reschdeduling: If you are scheduled to take a CSW exam, CSS exam, CWE Theory Portion, and CSE Theory Portion at a Pearson Vue Testing Center, you may re-schedule your exam, with at least 48 hours’ notice.  There will be a $25 rescheduling fee. In order to reschedule, you will need to login to your Pearson Vue account here.

ProctorU Rescheduling: CSW, CSS, CWE Theory Portion, and CSE Theory Portion candidates must reschedule through ProctorU's website. Rescheduling could incur a fee, depending on when the rescheduled appointment takes place.  If you wish to reschedule within 72 hours there will be a fee of $8, if you would like to schedule the exam within 24 hours there will be a fee of $12. Please contact ProctorU directly for any questions on rescheduling. 

If you are scheduled for CSE exam or a CWE Exam, you may re-schedule your exam online if it is at least two weeks prior to your upcoming exam date. You will first login to your Account and visit the Exams and Seminars section.  This will display the upcoming exams you have registered for.  On the right, you can click "cancel" which will remove you from that exam and return the Attendance Credit to your account. You may then visit the Exam Calendar and register for any open, upcoming exam.  If it is within two weeks of the exam, you will have to pay a late rescheduling fee, which you may do through our online Catalog.