About Us

The Society of Wine Educators

The Society of Wine Educators was founded in 1977. We are a non-profit educational organization (501c3) whose mission is to advance wine education through professional development and certification.

In many professions, a successful career is marked by an appropriate education verified by a credible certification program that is recognized both by the public and one's peers.

  • These credentials are a valuable and widely respected mark of a wine professional's commitment to personal career development and ultimately to the wine industry as a whole.
  • Individuals that receive professional certification raise the standard of proficiency in the wine arena and assist the industry by elevating the knowledge base of everyone with whom they come in contact.
  • Professional certification encourages an industry to build upon itself by fostering an environment where individuals can pursue excellence and achieve subject mastery.

Our seminars, conferences, tutored tastings and other wine events are designed to educate the student and train the trainer.

The Society's goal is to foster and promote the professional education and development of the individual in particular, and the professional education and development of the wine industry as a whole.

For questions about events and conference

Contact us, by phone at 202-408-8777.

Exam-related Inquiries

To order study guides, sign up for exams, obtain exam confirmation information, request a receipt for a purchase, inquire about exam scores or to reschedule an exam registration date, inquire on the status of study guide delivery, or to purchase exam FAULT kits, contact JohnMark Fisher, Education and Technology Manager, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or by phone at 202.408.8777 ext. 115.